January Newsletter - Heading into a new year with style!

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Hey ladies! 

Welcome to a brand new year! We have had so much fun styling you this season and have been looking for ways to help our ladies that aren't able to come into our storefront to visit with a personal stylist. 

One of the things we have been hearing a lot in this new season are that our ladies are working to get healthier.  More exercise, better eating habits, and a more active lifestyle.  With these life changes, body changes begin to happen.  We're not always sure how to dress for these changes, and sometimes our once self-proclaimed "problem areas" become areas we're ready to show off!  Lets explore this a bit and also ways to dress a changing body as you might be shedding the pounds and also not wanting to purchase an entire new wardrobe every time you skip down a size.  

Some of you might've noticed that I made some changes this year as well.  After baby number 2, my body didn't shed the pounds like after my first pregnancy.  I was working more out of the store and not running around inside MLB as much as the first time so I decided to do some things to help the process.  I've lost 25 pounds so far, and some of my FAVORITE clothing items right now are pieces that I can still wear after all of that weight loss and will continue to be able to wear.  

My favorite 2 fashion styles for this transitional period are my Stella Dolman Tops


and my MLB Tunics that are nice and flowy in the midsection, but still stylish. 


These staple basic pieces work on a LOT of body types and can be worn at any age.  

Dress basics up with a cute necklace from our collection.
For cold weather, pair with a cardigan or kimono.
For warmer weather, lose your sweater cardigan and wear with a light kimono or wear them alone!  These next few months will be the perfect time to mix and match these nice basic pieces with others to stretch your dollar and also stretch your closet.  

If you have questions about anything you see above or need more styling help, feel free to email our team at TheMagnoliaLane@gmail.com and we would love to help!  

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